Fresh Juice + Good Vibes

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From the Sauce Magazine Blog:

“Fresh juice and good vibes were flowing on Tuesday, March 1 at Source Juicery in downtown Edwardsville as owners Michelle Motley, Lisa Hudson and Chrissy Stevens, formerly of the Cleveland-Heath kitchen, opened the doors of their healthy food-to-go concept at 220 N. Main St.”

Can we tell you how happy this sentence makes us? Not only does it capture the excitement we felt from opening our doors last Tuesday, but Sauce Magazine also nailed the very vibe we have so passionately been trying to create! Delicious, heartfelt goodness!

Sigh. What an awesome week.

Thanks so much to all of you good people who came in to check us out. And a special thank you to Sauce Magazine for the shout out. You can read the full article here: Source Juicery opens doors in downtown Edwardsville